BMX bikes come in a variety of sizes, each built for a specific purpose. When you’ve chosen to buy one, you must decide which one to choose.

The frame is the first thing you can look at. Bike frames are made of various materials, and their toughness varies. On the high end of the BMX industry, frames made of full Chromoly BMX, a lightweight metal alloy, are used. This type of material is made specifically to offer the bike durability and good service, but it will cost you a little more.

Most bikes, however, are manufactured of high steel, and although steel is a strong and durable material, it cannot compare to full Chromoly BMX in terms of robustness. It also adds a little weight to the bike. The next thing to check for is whether or not it fits with sealed bearings.

If your bike has sealed bearings, the bottom bracket will enable it to run more smoothly and for longer. The last but not least step is to determine your ideal height. This section is all about determining the proper height for your comfort.

Everybody Vs Chromoly

Chromoly is the most cost-effective of the leading materials utilized for bike frames, ranging from aluminium to titanium or even carbon fibre.

Aluminum Vs Chromoly

It is the second most widely used material in the production of bicycles. It’s more porous and frequently damaged than steel, but it’s lighter and stiffer. While Chromoly is considerably heavier than aluminium, the frame could be lighter and has less stiffness, resulting in a more comfortable trip.

Steel, unlike aluminium, is ductile, allowing for the production of tougher seamless steel tubes. Steel is also durable: it collapses predictably, bending before breaking. On the other hand, Aluminum behaves mostly like glass, breaking before bending.

Carbon Fiber Or Titanium Vs Chromoly

Exotic materials like titanium and carbon fibre are much more expensive than steel or aluminium. These are excellent bicycle fabrics, each with its own set of benefits. When it refers to leading quality choices, we prefer high-quality steel since it provides the best value for the money.

Titanium has been around for a long time. It has the same strength as steel but is lighter. Titanium is not just a more costly element than Chromoly, but it also necessitates a more meticulous production process due to its susceptibility to contamination, resulting in a substantially more expensive bike.

Carbon fibre is solid and thin, but if stressed incorrectly, it may become brittle. Since this form of material is easier to mould than others, it’s common for bicycles with unusual shapes. Thousands of dollars can be spent on a decent quality carbon frame bicycle along with a high weight to strength ratio.

Final Thoughts

What matters most when choosing a freestyle BMX bike is what you want to use it for and also how passionate you are really about BMX. Consider where you will be utilizing it the most: on the driveway, in the park, or on the dirt. If you’re mostly heading to the skate park with it, you could afford to have pretty specialised. You would want a Chromoly frame with removable rear brakes if this is the case. This will provide you with many chances to showcase your tricks to their full potential.

If you’re searching for a bike for the child who can also get you all around the streets, you may want to search for something a little different. Anything with a complete set of brakes is possibly worthwhile. On the positive side, it means you won’t need a super-expensive frame, allowing you to save some cash.

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