This is an excellent mid-level bike. It has a 20-, inch top tube and a Hi-Tensile steel frame. It has an extreme load ratio as a result of this. It provides very chunky 2.4′′ wheels which look fantastic while still providing excellent stability in all weather conditions. The equipped pedals are made of high-density plastic, making them both sturdy and compact. The rear brake is a Tektro alloy U-brake, which provides excellent stopping strength.

The handlebars are made of lightweight Chromoly and have an 8.75′′ increase. One peg set is included with the bike. It’s available in a variety of aesthetic styles and paint jobs. They all appear stunning, especially the Raw Blue model, which features a translucent finish on the gorgeous steel frame.


  • High-Ten frame
  • Bars of chromium
  • U-brake made of Tektro alloy
  • Broad tyres
  • There are several colour options available.

Redline Asset 20 Freestyle BMX Bikes

We begin with a truly fantastic bike. It’s on the top end of the pay scale we looked at, but it’s an incredible piece of equipment. The frame is constructed of Hi-Ten steel and Chromoly and features an incorporated head tube and a reinforced mid bottom bracket. This means that the Chromoly BMX frame would be incredibly resistant and sturdy to knocks without being too heavy. Big-box handlebars on the bike render front-end lifting a little simpler and offer you more power in general.

The tyres are 202.5 inches in diameter, which makes them relatively thick. The tyres keep the bike more stable in the skate park and perfectly fit for dirt paths. Since the crank is made entirely of Chromoly, it will be incredibly durable. In addition, the bike is available in a stunning red or black monochrome finish. It’s a fantastic-looking bicycle.


  • The frame is made of Chromoly and Hi-Ten steel.
  • Tires that are too thick
  • Beautiful design
  • Combo Saddle Fitted Monster Fat Padded
  • Monster Pedals by Redline are included.

Random 20 Freestyle BMX Redline Bikes

It is a bike that sits comfortably in the upper echelon of the bikes we looked at. Its Chromoly BMX frame including incorporated headtube is one of its main selling points. When compared to High-Ten steel frames, this ensures it is lighter. It doesn’t make any concessions in terms of strength. Chromoly, on the other hand, is even more powerful than Hi-Ten.

The lighter weight allows for more height to be gained during tricks, rendering them easier to execute. A lighter-weight bike also benefits a lot all around the track if you’re interested in racing. It includes fully sealed hubs, which means less friction in the tires and, as a result, greater performance.

It comes with 8.75-inch Chromoly bars by Redline Monster, which look fantastic and provide you with unrivalled power over the ride. The brake mechanism is detachable, so if you plan on doing a lot of park riding, this is something to think about.


  • Chromoly BMX frames and bars
  • Brake hardware that can be removed
  • Frame with a lightweight and trick-friendly design
  • Top-loading forged stem
  • PC pedals from Redline Monster that are sealed.

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