It is important to note that customization is a critical aspect of BMX.  If you situate yourself in it, you will quickly discover that most riders customise their bikes to fit their riding style. When purchasing your 1st BMX freestyle bike, you should focus on finding the right base model.

You don’t want to have it exactly the way you like it because you can still change things later. As a result, the more money you put into the first level, the less money you’ll have to spend on replacements later.

The following are some of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a BMX bike.

Frame Material

The frame of your BMX bike is the only thing you just couldn’t replace.  As a result, it is perhaps the most important factor to consider while making a purchase.

A strong frame is needed for a proper freestyle bike. This is due to difficult landings as well as the fact that its frame must withstand a lot of violence.  As a result, despite being lightweight, aluminium (a standard material in other types of bike frames) is seldom used. If you insist on using an aluminium frame, make sure you understand how sturdy it is.

Chromoly and Hi-Ten steel (or High-tension) are the two most popular materials for freestyle frames. They’re both incredibly powerful and relatively light. The Hi-Ten is the less expensive of the two bikes due to its heavier weight.

Without a doubt, Chromoly is the best material available. It’s much stronger than Hi-Ten steel, but it’s also a lot lighter. That’s also advantageous since a lighter frame BMX Chromoly makes it much easier to have more air and control the bike throughout tricks. If you’re concerned about freestyle BMX, you should think about investing in a frame BMX Chromoly. It’ll give you a great foundation on which to create.


Certain BMX tricks, particularly grinding, require axel pegs. They give you more pivot points from which you could exert your weight, allowing you to control the bike in very specific ways. It depends on what you need from the bike, however, if your main goal is to go to the skate park, you’ll almost certainly need some pegs. They can be attached to either one side or all four sides.

Pegs are used on many of the bikes. This ensures they complement the overall design style, which is something worthy of consideration if that is important to you. You may, of course, purchase the pegs individually and attach them by yourself.


Braking is essential in all forms of cycling, however, it takes on a new sense on BMX freestyle bikes. Front brakes are less likely to be seen on a professional bike. This is because they obstruct certain tricks and carry a little extra weight. A rear brake is normally sufficient.

Since the speeds attained in a skate park are typically not that fast, highly established braking systems aren’t necessary. In reality, many freestyle BMX bikers don’t use their brakes at all. This is something to consider before making your order.

However, it all relies on who you’re purchasing a bike for and why you’re buying it. You’ll need braking if you’re riding it somewhere other than the park. If it’s just for the child for riding it on the lane, you might need to add front brakes for added peace of mind.  While it isn’t exactly typical for a freestyle bike, it would provide an extra layer of protection for you or your kids.

Wheels And Tyres

BMX tyres are usually dense. Thick tyres have more balance and, in general, more grip. If you plan on doing some dirt riding, pay attention to the width and the grips. The wider and more grippy your tyres are, the better they will do off-road. Wide tyres reduce speed a little, but freestyle bikes aren’t usually about that.

Wheels are also crucial since they must remain valid after many knocks. This is accomplished by using a cast wheel with a large number of spokes. If you’re a relatively heavier rider, this is something worth buying in because they’ll be getting more effective.

It’s important to note that BMX wheels are usually 20 inches in diameter. If you’re particularly tall, a bike with significantly larger wheels might be preferable.

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